Customer-Centricity: 7 For All Mankind EU Reports 3x More Conversion for True Fit Shoppers

Download this case study to learn how 7 For All Mankind was able to gain a comprehensive view of shoppers from an inside and outside perspective. By partnering with True Fit, 7 For All Mankind EU gained access to insights within its shopper base and across an entire connected network of 250+ retailers and 17,000 brands. 

Download the 7 For All Mankind Case Study

As an established leader in both fashion and innovation, 7 For All Mankind EU partnered with True Fit to offer their customers a more streamlined fit service and gain a better understanding of shoppers across regions through data collection and analysis.

7 For All Mankind EU partnered with True Fit in order to:

  • Understand shoppers across regions.
  • Communicate new features to shoppers.
  • Recreate the in-store experience, online.

On average, True Fit users at 7 For All Mankind EU checkout 3x more often than non-True Fit users.

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