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The Rise of Digital Shopping - Category Comebacks and the Return of Outfitting

‘Back To Work’ boosts online fashion checkouts, up 51% in July over pre pandemic demand, signaling the accelerated and sustained demand for online fashion across True FIt’s Fashion Data Platform. Whether you are headed back to the office or are continuing the work from home routine, outfitting has made its comeback! Is it here to stay? Will shoppers continue to dress to impress through the autumn months?

As stores reopen their doors, the demand for digital buying remains strong. But what are shoppers buying? True Fit analyzed data from 180M shoppers across 42 countries in parallel with more than 220,000 unique products from 8.4M checkouts to find out what consumers are shopping for right now. They are hanging up their zoomified wardrobes of fashion tops and sweats and trading them for outfits. Dresses, trousers and denim are back in a big way.

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The demand for a highly personalized digital shopping experience has also accelerated, as we have seen a 120% increase in shopper registrations for True Fit shoppers across our network of partner retailers.

What to Expect

Access our new industry report: The Rise of Digital Shopping - Category Comebacks and the Return of Outfitting, to understand the recent growth of digital shopping and its impact on dressing to impress, whether consumers are returning to the office or continuing to work remotely. 

Download the report to:

  • Understand the pandemic’s lasting impact on the browsing and buying behaviors of shoppers
  • Learn more about consumer confidence as uncertainty looms
  • Understand how the customer has become the new disruptor in retail, and the ways retailers can adapt to their new and evolving customers