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The abundance of product and consumer data enables retailers to transform their businesses, and the retail industry as a whole. Retailers are pressed more than ever before to better understand their consumers, and rich connected data provides opportunities to create true 1-to-1 personalized experiences.
Many recommender systems offer “personal” shopping experiences by collecting general demographic data from consumers-- age, height, weight. In developing algorithms to power consumer recommendations around size, fit and style, the Data Science team at True Fit recognized inconsistencies with patterns that relate style preferences to age.
A question arose - is a consumer’s age the primary driver of personal preferences, or is it one of several factors that influences preference instead?
Download the first Consumer Behaviors Report in The Art and the Algorithm where we explore this question to determine if age drives consumer behavior.

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Creating unique shopping experiences for every shopper is no easy feat. Yet, with the abundance of available data on consumers and their shopping behaviors, retailers and brands can gain the necessary insights that allow shoppers to drive their own online shopping experiences. Download The Art and the Algorithm: A Consumer Behaviors Report to:


Understand if a consumer's age is the primary driver of personal shopping preferences, or is it just one of several factors that influences preference instead?


Explore the importance of a consumer's expressed preference when developing personalization strategies


Learn how True Fit's recommendations utilize consumers' personal preferences to offer them the clothes and shoes they will love and keep

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True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers that decodes personal style, fit, and size for every consumer, every shoe, and every piece of clothing. By connecting manufacturing design data from thousands of leading apparel and footwear brands, anonymized consumer order data from hundreds of top retailers, personal preference data from millions of registered True Fit users, and hundreds of millions of anonymous shoppers, True Fit maps the detailed style, fit, size and other technical attributes from clothes and shoes to the style preferences and buying behaviors of millions of individual shoppers.

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