Dissecting the Unexpected in Online Shopping: Everything Matters, What Matters First?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a 27.6% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales in just one year, with the total online shopping market recently hitting nearly $5 Trillion. True Fit, the leader in Size & Fit, has seen a 70% increase in membership growth over pre pandemic levels. More and more shoppers are making the move online and looking for guidance. Consumer behaviors are changing, for good, giving apparel and footwear retailers a massive opportunity to improve the customer experience, build loyalty and capture the benefits of this major shift. 

Watch Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), Quantum Metric and True Fit as we examine the need for retailers, including CTC banners SportChek and Mark’s, to become proactive in delivering a truly personalized digital experience that increases Customer Lifetime Value. During the webinar, you will:

+ Hear from one of the largest apparel and footwear retailers in Canada discuss the leaps and bounds they have made in scaling their ecommerce experience
+ Understand from Quantum Metric, the leader in Continuous Digital Product Design, how to rapidly discover customer intent and friction during the online shopping journey

+ Learn from True Fit how retailers are leaning in to give shoppers the tools to evaluate size and fit in the way that is best for them 

+ Explore the biggest challenges that lie ahead in a post pandemic online shopping world and how to overcome them

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About the Speakers:

Jonmichael Moy is Associate Vice President, Digital Services for Canadian Tire Corporation, a $16 Billion general merchandise retailer, bank and gasoline distributor. In his role, he oversees Canadian Tire Corporation’s apparel and footwear digital banners – Sport Chek and Mark’s. Jonmichael has over 20 years’ experience of delivering amazing consumer digital product experiences to market, building high performing teams from the ground up, as well as scaling audience and revenue.


Elissa Quinby is Head of Retail Insights at Quantum Metric. As a retail evangelist, Elissa provides e-commerce expertise to the Quantum Metric community and provides real-world feedback to implement a customer centric culture using data driven decisions across the shopping journey. Prior to joining Quantum Metric, Elissa spent seven years with Amazon Retail holding roles across multiple industries including Home, Pets and Automotive as well as various functions including Product Management, Program Lead and Event & Category Marketing. Prior to working at Amazon, Elissa held marketing roles at Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Google, and American Eagle Outfitters.



Amy Wells is True Fit’s Customer Success Director. In her role, she builds strong partnerships with our retail customers to drive strategic value in their business, drive customer confidence and satisfaction, and increase loyalty and lifetime value. Prior to True Fit, she has also served as the Director of Ecommerce for TravelSmith, a travel fashion and accessories retailer, as well as positions with Walmart eCommerce leading the organization's online site experience strategy.

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