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Unwrapping Retail’s Returns Conundrum Episode 2

Photography’s Role in Shopper Inspiration and Satisfaction

True Fit, the global leader in size and fit is inviting you to the conversation in a 3 part podcast series:

In episode two True Fit’s Sarah Curran-Usher sits down with Sjors Bos, CEO of I Heart Studios - a B2B full service visual content creation agency that produces the highest quality photography and video for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. With clients such as Converse, Harrods and Evarae, I Heart Studios continuously focuses on solutions that amplify the storytelling behind each brand. 

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Featured Speakers

Sarah Curran-Usher
Managing Director, EMEA
True Fit

Sjors Bos
I Heart Studios

Sarah Curran-Usher and Sjors Bos from I Heart Studios closely examine the impact the past two years have had on photography for digital retail and its role in shopper evaluation and ultimately satisfaction once it arrives!

This episode will address:

  • Photography’s role in digital content - how photography can raise sales conversion and how some photography trends can lead to high returns if product is misrepresented or retouched.
  • Pivoting and persevering - creating new content from old content.
  • The changing customer experience landscape - what happens when the product received does not look exactly like the product in the photograph?

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