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Visit Booth 6037 to learn how to create exceptional shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty and discover first-hand how to power personalized experiences so that shoppers return to your brand time and again. See how to bring more shoppers into the loyalty loop so that you can drive revenue, reduce returns and build customer relationships.


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"We've already seen the power of the True Personalization Platform when our customers engage with True Fit's recommendations on our site. Now we're excited to expand that benefit to every customer interaction and experience by using True 360 data directly in our CRM, and have it available to our other partners and software providers to make every interaction with Kenneth Cole products more personal, more relevant."


- TJ Papp
Vice President  |   Digital and Ecommerce KennethCole_ Logo


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NRF 2020, Retail's Big Show to:

  • Learn how by presenting shoppers with the most relevant styles for them, retailers can eliminate shopper fatigue so they spend less time searching and browsing and move more quickly to check out
  • See how to power 1:1 recommendations that allow retailers to personalize every individual shopping experience
  • Understand your returners so that you can alleviate the poor experience associated with returns







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