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Moosejaw Reduces Ecommerce Returns by 24% by Targeting Size Bracketing Behavior with True Fit.

Almost 15 percent of Moosejaw’s returned digital purchases could be attributed to a consumer behavior called size bracketing. Read the retail case study to learn how you can reduce returns and increase customer loyalty.

  • Discover how Moosejaw’s percentage of “size bracketers” decreased by 34%.
  • Learn how Moosejaw used AI to identify this shopper behavior and minimize returns.
  • Read how Moosejaw made impactful changes to their retail technology and digital shopping platform that contributed to improved customer experiences, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Almost 15% of returned online purchases could be attributed to a consumer behavior called 'size bracketing.'   Size bracketing occurs when a consumer orders the same product in multiple sizes with the intention of returning all that don’t fit.”


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