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Moosejaw Reduces Ecommerce Returns by 24% by Targeting Size Bracketing Behavior with True Fit.

Almost 15 percent of Moosejaw’s returned digital purchases could be attributed to a consumer behavior called size bracketing. Read the retail case study to learn how you can reduce returns and increase customer loyalty.



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Launched  |  2015

Products Covered  |  Outdoor Apparel

Retailer Profile:

Moosejaw is a leading active outdoor retailer with a mix of a large web presence and physical stores across the US. Founded in Michigan in 1992, the retailer carries more than 400 apparel and gear brands across climbing, hiking, camping, snow sports, yoga, swimming and biking. 

What You'll Learn:

  • 11.   |   Discover how Moosejaw’s percentage of “size bracketers” decreased by 34%.
  • 22.   |   Learn how Moosejaw used AI to identify this shopper behavior and minimize returns.
  • 33.   |   Read how Moosejaw made impactful changes to their retail technology and digital shopping platform that contributed to improved customer experiences, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Almost 15% of returned online purchases could be attributed to a consumer behavior called 'size bracketing.'   Size bracketing occurs when a consumer orders the same product in multiple sizes with the intention of returning all that don’t fit.”


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