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The accelerated shift to ecommerce has given shoppers exposure to brands they weren’t familiar with previously. So how can retailers turn this influx of first time shoppers into repeat customers, and ultimately loyal customers?

During Retail's Loyalty Forum, we explored the opportunity that retailers have to improve retention and loyalty RIGHT NOW.

Watch the on-demand recording to hear Keynote speaker Peter Fader, consumer behavior and customer lifetime value pioneer, discuss the changing nature of retention and development in a customer-centric world.
Make sure  to also listen to consumer behavior and loyalty expert panelists Michael Solomon, Ken Fenyo and Michele Love for a conversation about driving emotional connections with first time and repeat shoppers.

Leave with strategies to improve customer engagement at your organization and ultimately cultivate a new wave of loyalty.

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 Peter Fader 

Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


The Changing Nature of Retention & Development in a Customer-Centric World

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Michael Solomon

Michael is a marketing professor, consumer behavior expert, author, and speaker. 

Michael is passionate about the extraordinary world of the ordinary consumer. He helps managers get inside the heads of their customers so they can anticipate and satisfy their deepest and most pressing needs – today and tomorrow.

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Ken Fenyo

Ken is President, Research & Advisory at Coresight Research, which delivers data-driven insights at the intersection of retail and technology.  

Ken was previously a senior consultant at McKinsey & Company where he led McKinsey’s startup practice, and also served leading retailers, brands, and private equity firms on loyalty, personalization, and the future of retail.  

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Anna Cole

Anna is the Director of Global D2C Digital Platforms at Carhartt. During her nearly 20 years at Carhartt, she has established herself as a talented and accomplished e-Commerce professional with a proven ability to successfully lead and grow e-Businesses.

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Michele Love

Michele has had a renowned 32-year career at Nordstrom, serving in several leadership capacities where she launched Designer Footwear and then spearheaded the rapid expansion of Nordstrom Rack.

In 2017, Michele joined Designer Shoe Warehouse and served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Currently, she serves as an executive management consultant for Sunrise Brands.

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Retail's Loyalty Forum

- Some 37% of consumers say they shop with more brands than they did one year ago.
- Only 5-6% of first time shoppers during the pandemic have made repeat purchases             
   with new retailers.
- What’s more, 46% of consumers claim to be less loyal to brands than they used to be. 

Watch the recording to learn how to shake up the current customer experience and generate more repeat customers.