Personalizing Every Touchpoint
of the Customer Journey


Watch the new video series featuring Retail Leaders from Forrester, Google, and The Wharton School as they discuss how to beat the competition for customers' attention, and how to help your shoppers have more efficient shopping journeys.

Watch Personalizing Every Touchpoint of the Customer Journey to learn how to:

  • Generate relevant content to inspire individual customers, reach a wider audience and improve online conversion 
  • Delight customers and improve their experience by automatically sorting and serving product recommendations based on their individual preferences
  • Build long-standing relationships post-purchase that encourage customers to return and purchase again
  • Sift through data and extract the most valuable conclusions to implement personalization across the customer  journey    

"Using data is the new sexy. It's the way that organizations today are moving forward. And for organizations that want to compete, especially in the fashion space, this is going to be a priority"


Brendan Witcher
VP, Principal Analyst Serving EBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals  |  Forrester Research