"Having a bigger understanding through a connected data set and understanding bigger groups of customers becomes very valuable for retailers to help make their specific experience more relevant for every consumer."
Carrie Tharp
VP Retail | Google Cloud
"That was easy. That was simple. That was convenient. Those are the kinds of things today’s consumers are looking for in order to give their loyalty to a retailer."
Brendan Witcher
VP, Principal Analyst Serving EBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals | Forrester Research
"The idea of a consumer-centric strategy isn’t to say that we are surrounding the consumer; it's recognizing that consumers are very, very different from each other."
Professor Peter Fader
Marketing Professor at The Wharton School at UPENN and Customer Loyalty Expert
"When you are super focused on what consumers need, and you deliver that promise, you build loyalty."
William R. Adler
CEO | True Fit
"Retailers that deliver more personalized experiences for their customers find that those consumers tend to come back more often, view more styles and spend more on the sites that they are visiting."
Jessica Murphy
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer | True Fit
"Providing consumers with great curation translates to improved customer lifetime value."
Romney Evans
Co-Founder and Chief Product and Marketing Officer | True Fit
"You’ve provided such a great experience that the customer is going to come back. That, in some ways, is perhaps the most important metric."
Rhonda Textor
Head of Data Science | True Fit

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Simplifying the customer journey by making each experience relevant is how retail winners are succeeding, and they’re using data to do so. Do you know how much value your shopper data can bring to power loyalty and customer lifetime value? Watch retail industry leaders from Google, Forrester, Wharton and True Fit discuss how to drive the loyalty loop by using data.