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C A S E    S T U D Y


Learn how Roolee and True Fit make shoppers feel like the retailer “gets them,” therefore building trust and loyalty. Read how Roolee sees:

4x lift to conversion and 3.6 million fit recommendations
17% reduction in returns for shoppers registered for True Fit
16% increase in AOV
83% increase in styles viewed per visit
231% increase in revisit rates

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Square RetailersRoolee


Square RetailersForever New



C A S E    S T U D Y


Forever New Reports 9.5% Net Incremental Revenue Lift from Enhanced Experiences using True Fit

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C A S E    S T U D Y


Read how JCPenney and True Fit's True Discovery drove increased customer engagement with:

20% increase to AOV

20% increase to UPT

214% increase to repeat user visits within the same week

113% increase in product views

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Square RetailersJCPenney


Square RetailersMoosejaw


C A S E    S T U D Y


Moosejaw Reduces
Returns by 24%

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C A S E    S T U D Y

KennethCole_ Logo

"Our partnership with True Fit has allowed Kenneth Cole to gain strategic insights about both our industry and customer trends.  This data has helped the brand figure out which customer segments to pursue, which product lines to investigate and what sizes and colors resonate most with out customer."
TJ Papp  |   VP of Digital and ECommerce   |   Kenneth Cole

75%  increase in average styles viewed
$25  increase in average order value     

Square RetailersKenneth Cole


Square RetailersBoden



C A S E   S T U D Y


“True Fit is the first partner I have worked with where the business case shared in the sales cycle actually matched the results”
- Phil Lewis  |   Director Digital Experience   |   Boden 

4% reduction in returns for those who follow True Fit recommendations


C A S E    S T U D Y


“Since the launch of True Fit, ASICS has seen a 150% increase in conversion from product page to cart. That translates to a 7.4% conversion rate for True Fit customers versus 2.4% for non-True Fit customers.
Jason Le Boeuf   |   Ecommerce Director   |   Asics

50%  Reduction in Size Sampling
150%  Conversion Increase
20%  of Customers Kept More Product 

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Square RetailersAsics


Square RetailersM&Co


C A S E   S T U D Y

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and empowering them to find clothes online that fit and that they want to keep is crucial to ensuring customer confidence and loyalty. We saw positive results almost immediately and the impact of True Fit has been substantial.”
Lesley McCormack  |  E-commerce Product Manager  |  M&Co.

10% reduction in returns for True Fit users
27% increase in average order value
1.5% sitewide boost to conversion

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C A S E   S T U D Y


"The underlying component is Trust and confidence.  Confidence in the brand and confidence that the information the shopper is giving is going to result in a more relevant experience.   True Fit helps us to action on the information so that we can power shopper trust and relevant experiences"
Billy May  |   Chief Customer Officer   |   J.Crew

True Fit users convert 38.4% more
than Non-True Fit users



Square RetailersJcrew


Square RetailersLane Bryant



C A S E    S T U D Y


"We can leverage our bras to drive her into the store.  Our associates can build the basket with our great sportswear.  True Fit reinforces our fit authority and gives her confidence to shop in store and online.  All of these things together create loyal customers for life!"
Marcy Schaffir Senior Vice President  |   Cacique  |  Catherines Intimates

Complete your Bra Finder Profile   |   Learn More About Bra Finder 



C A S E   S T U D Y


“True Fit has helped us bring the confidence our customers feel with the in-store fitting room experience, online. By providing recommendations around size, style and fit for each individual shopper, together we can enhance our customers’ journeys with personally relevant experiences and ensure that they love and will keep their purchases.”
Haroun Saleemi  |  Head of Ecommerce  |  Quiz

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Square Retailersquiz


Square RetailersKate Spade


C A S E    S T U D Y


"We are already seeing significantly higher conversion rates with customers using True Fit."
Craig Leavitt  |   CEO   |   Kate Spade

2X  Conversion Increase
95%  Increase Adoption With Email Promotion 

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C A S E   S T U D Y


“By leveraging new technologies, such as True Fit, we are able to insure a proper fit without the lengthy delay that a traditional fit tour causes”
Brady Byrnes |  Managing Director of Base Operations  |  American Airlines Uniforms

25% of all transactions were influenced by True Fit 
24 Million recommendations served in 9 months

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Square RetailersLands End


Square RetailersLands End EU


C A S E   S T U D Y


True Fit has been extremely beneficial in helping us grow our footprint throughout Europe, from increasing the number of shopper sessions to providing more than a 5% lift to incremental revenue.
- Jason Van Der Westhuizen |  Director of eCommerce and Customer Experience  |  Lands’ End Europe

5% lift in incremental revenue 

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C A S E   S T U D Y


“Data-driven customer insight and personalisation is key to unlocking operational efficiencies and improving customer experience. Our partnership with True Fit allows us to enhance our customers’ journeys with personalised relevant experiences ensuring that we deliver better fitting products for our customers to make them look and feel amazing.
Adam Warne  |   CIO   |   N Brown 

Square RetailersN Brown


Square Retailers7FAM



C A S E    S T U D Y


7 For All Mankind EU Reports 3x More Conversion for True Fit Shoppers with a Customer Centric Strategy

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C A S E    S T U D Y


“Our partnership with True Fit is helping us communicate personally about fit and size to our customers, at scale in a way that is authentic and informed by rich data.”
Graham McCulloch  |  Director Ecom Marketing & Merchandising  |  Ugg

2X  Conversion Increase
4  Year Customer
300+  Styles Covered


Square RetailersUGG


Square RetailersReview


C A S E    S T U D Y


Learn how Review took loyalty to the next level with True Fit and instant profiles, achieving:

2.54% incremental revenue increase sitewide
280% increase in conversion rates for True Fit shoppers
120% increase to the number of styles viewed

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