A Frictionless and Contactless
Shopping Experience


Recover faster while futureproofing your strategies for digital and in-store. Improve digital and in-store operations for both associates and shoppers by introducing True Fit in new ways

Bring the Fitting Room Online     |     Alternative to Personal Shopping     |     Contactless Scanning


Bring the Fitting Room Online

Curbside Pick Up

Remove shopper hesitation by offering True Fit’s digital and style guidance during the ecommerce experience.
Fitting Rooms

Provide replacements to in-store fitting rooms with True Fit’s digital fit and style guidance and help shoppers buy with confidence.
Digital Shoppers

Help consumers who choose the convenience of shopping from home get the right products with the right fit at the right time while reducing size sampling and returns.




Offer an Alternative to
Personal Shopping Across Channels


In lieu of personal shoppers

 In the absence of personal shoppers or to minimize contact with associates, use True Fit’s data-driven platform to personalize the digital experience for each and every shopper, much like a personal shopper does.
Arm Personal Shoppers

Alternatively, empower personal shoppers and store associates to expedite the shopper experience – for safety or scale – by using True Fit shopper profiles to guide product and fit recommendations.
Power Chatbots

As consumers continue to shop online, many retailers are turning to chatbots to help power customer experiences. Merge engagement through chatbots with AI from True Fit to create a powerful and personalized customer service experience.




Contactless Scanning

Inventory Lookup

Allow shoppers to view in-store inventory in their recommended True Fit size in their local store and stores nearby.
Scan For Fit

Leverage barcode scanning to help shoppers figure out their best size and fit for an item without ever having to try it on.


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